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  • Living Life Loud

    Posted on by Heather

    The 2009 EWomenNetwork International Conference provided such a wealth of information, knowledge, connections and opportunities to continue to push the envelope of my development in both personal and professional life. There were so many things to take away from the weekend, but, I managed to narrow it down to 3. Thank you to all the exceptional speakers, and presenters who shared their knowledge with us – may we all continue to be inspired to walk our talk!


    Living it up at the EWomenNetwork 2009 Conference

    1. Live life Loud!

    Not loud in the sense of noise, but, being authentic allows others to see your true gifts and talents shine through from the inside of you. This ‘aura’ gives those around you the permission they so often need to truly live the life of their dreams!

    2. Serve from your saucer

    Lisa Nichols provided the closing keynote and shared with us another version of one my favourite lessons in life (for those of you who’ve seen me speak – the oxygen mask): serve from your saucer. Women, in particular, are giving and nurturing by nature, but, learning to honour self first ensures that your cup ‘runneth’ over and therefore when you serve the world, you do so from your excess, or, your saucer!

    3. Take action

    As Albert Enistein so beautifully put “Imagination is more important than knowledge” and once you’ve imagined how you want things to be, take the inspired action to make it happen. (No excuses!)

    All the best,


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