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  • Making a promise to trust my gut

    Posted on by Heather

    Hands down, trusting your gut (intuition) is the key to moving forward in the direction that is in alignment with your highest good. Not to mention it’s guidance to move away from the things that will slow your evolutionary progress. But if you’re like me, there’s this slippery little thing that tries to intervene: your mind. Specifically your left brain, logical, analytical, problem solving mind.

    Here’s how it often shakes down…

    You feel a sensation – right in your gut – a strong ‘no’ feeling, or maybe it’s champagne bubbles of excitement. You can’t deny it – you felt it. But, within seconds of the message you’re analyzing.

    What was that about?

    Oh, it was probably nothing.

    Maybe it was something I ate.

    You question it. You analyze it. You attempt to chalk it up to something that makes more ‘sense’. God forbid, you might even dismiss it.

    I don’t know why we do this. Maybe it’s years of socialization. Maybe it’s programming that occurred before we were the age of reason. Maybe, who knows? And really, who cares?

    What I do know is that EVERY single time I have ignored that initial intuition, talked myself into it or out of it, gone ahead in spite of it – burn. And I’m in a place in my life where I love a good tan, but I’m not willing to get burned anymore.

    I’m making a pact with myself (and with you):

    I promise, to trust my gut – no matter what.

    What’s your experience with trusting your intuition?

    One Response to Making a promise to trust my gut

    1. So true! I haven’t actually analyzed that feeling until recently… but it is such a good guide.. even though we do not immediately know what it is telling us.

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