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  • Making the Press

    Posted on by Heather

    I was recently interviewed by The Vancouver Sun about New Years resolutions and goal setting. What a wonderful surprise to wake up this morning and find out, I made the cover!

    As a Life Coach I have the most amazing honour to be a part of people’s private lives; behind the wizard of oz curtain, in those intimate conversations about fear, love, hope and dreams. I have witnessed full on transformations as well as incremental changes over time. Time and time again I am inspired by the human spirit, and our capacity for change.

    From my experience, it’s the mind that we need to take charge of when our heart whispers become loud enough for us to hear them. (When we know, in our gut, that there’s a different destination calling to us.) And I know that it takes great courage to move in a different direction. I am honoured, beyond words, for those who choose me to walk the path beside them as they point their life in the direction of their dreams.

    Click HERE to read the full article…

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