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  • Mastermind Groups are Coming

    Posted on by Heather

    There is an incredible magic that happens when you put a group of like-minded, open hearted, desire filled, go getters in a room (or on a call). Out comes strategy, best practices, suggestions, support, introductions, collaboration, and OF COURSE some major cheerleading.

    If you’re ready for mojo to meet moxie – a mastermind group might be just what you’re looking for.

    Who’s this for:

      • Energized, enthusiastic open minds looking for some synergistic success
      • Those willing to ‘do the work’; you know, walk the talk kinda peeps

    I’ve been asked countless times about facilitating a Mastermind Group and I have heard the call. This, ladies and gents, is the response.

    I’m going to run 2 groups starting in early May. Looks more like early June. We’re working hard behind the scenes to create an incredible experience. Stay tuned:)

    One LIVE in Vancouver for all my local peeps.

    One via Teleconference for my tribe outside the Lower Mainland. (Or if you just don’t feel like driving in to town:)

    My intention is hold the space for some major magic to transpire. I’ll be there to facilitate, throw my two bits in where I can add value, and cheerlead you right through to the finish line of your next big leap.

    Each participant, in addition to the Mastermind Group will receive an hour of one-on-one coaching from yours truly, before the Mastermind begins and after we’ve wrapped.

    Are you in?

    We’re in the process of finalizing the details before we officially release it. And by the way, there’s only 16 spots. (8 per group) If you’re reading this today, it’s because you’re a loyal follower, supporter, soul sibling and tribal member. As a thank you for being there and cheering me along on my journey – you’re getting first dibs. If you’re intrigued, interested, want to have the first right of refusal…..

    Make sure you SUBSCRIBE at the top right of this page with your name and email address.

    The announcement is coming next week. Times, dates and of course appreciation exchange (price) will all be released. I want you to be there! That is, of course, if you do.

    See you on the other side…

    With love,


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