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  • Mirror reflections

    Posted on by Heather

    There’s no accidents in life so when I sat in Starbucks and overheard the conversation behind me, I knew there was a message for me.

    “I won’t wear a skirt because my legs are just ugly, ugly, ugly!” the woman said.

    My reaction was instant compassion. I wanted to turn around and throw my arms around her. Even though I hadn’t seen her because she was sitting behind me, I had overheard her chat with a friend, and after the friend left she chatted on the phone. In both conversations the woman’s tone was light and friendly. She had a warm heart.

    It only took a moment of reflection to recognize why this woman had come into my life today…

    Though it’s almost never been my legs that have been the victim of attack, I am no stranger to body criticism. I’m about 1000% better than I ever have been in my life, but I still have my moments, my weeks, my months. I rage against my body from the inside, neglecting the responsibility and ownership over what I choose to do with it on the outside.

    I didn’t turn around and hug the lady, but instead I took a deep breath. I saw my reflection in her and vowed in that moment to bathe my body in a love bath of praise and gratitude. Not contrived gratitude; not I should be grateful; not comparison gratitude, like compared to so-and-so, I should be so grateful. I felt throughout my entire being, the kind of gratitude that makes you weep.

    I saw images of my body in all it’s various roles. Carrying the loads of many voyages. Absorbing so much along the way without so much as a nap in response. But in that moment at Starbucks, I reframed my relationship with my body.

    Maybe this new vow will last the rest of the day, the week, the month, maybe even for the rest of my life. But, if I forget, I know my mirror will show up to remind me that love is the answer.

    What’s your mirror reflecting to you today?

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