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    Posted on by Heather

    For those whom know me well it will come as no surprise to hear that I’m not much of a camper. In fact, even the new term ‘glamping’ – derived from the concept of glamorous camping, doesn’t really appeal to me. (I’m more of a Fairmont kinda girl.) But, similarly to the time in my life where I realized that I could be spiritual without being religious, this summer drew my attention to the fact that I can still be a nature loving freak, without having to sleep on the ground. (Thank god for that!)

    Because for me, nature is my church, and this summer I had the most amazing opportunities to experience this vast place of worship. From the top of Kicking Horse Mountain to my family homestead in Heatherdown Alberta, I spent some of the most rejuvenating days, simply breathing in the beauty that is all around us on this spectacular planet. (I even played a round of golf by myself  in Golden BC – what an amazing experience!)

    Out in the fresh air, all by myself, I couldn’t help but have moments of profound insight. I could decipher the voice of my true self from that of my capitalist ego (although I do like that part of myself too!) and I gained some much needed clarity in many areas of my life.

    3 years ago, almost to the day, was when I made the decision to walk away from my corporate life, my cushy benefit package, my car allowance, and of course my expense account, to pursue a life that I had once only imagined. To become an entrepreneur, start companies, travel, make tonnes of money, work when it suited me and have 100% control over my life. At first, (about the first 18 months) I was running uphill – not really because it was necessary to work as hard as I was, but I think more because I was somewhat accustomed to a ‘pace’ that in my mind would equal success (and of course income – as that was what I needed the most at that time). Today I look back at myself and I am incredibly proud. The tenacity and work ethic I exuded was one of a determined, fail? – not an option, kind of Marshall Mathers persona. This served me well. On the days when I wondered if I was going to make it at all, I was even more motivated and on the days where success fell in to my lap, I felt it was all worth it.

    Then I woke up, some 3 years later, (earlier this year) to realize – wowza – that life that I ‘imagined’, the one I had been busting my balls for, it was here. And although, in theory, this should be grounds for an enormous celebration, I kinda felt lost again. Because the real truth about goal setting isn’t about the achievement of goals at all, it’s about setting goals that are so inspiring to you, that you awaken this incredible life force energy within every cell of your being, propelling you forward, through hoops and over mountains in hot pursuit of those goals you desire to achieve. Once achieved, however, your life force energy starts to drift away, and this is a major clue to remind you (and me, in this case) it’s time for some new goals.

    So, in the spring of this year, I set an intention. I wanted to spend some much needed time with myself, in my place of worship (nature), in order to re-ignite my burning desire to pursue a new destination, new dreams and new goals. What transpired was a summer of magical encounters leaving me full of ideas, insights, inspirations and of course – goals.

    So for anyone out there who is itchy, searching, curiously exploring or knowing they need some new inspiration to awaken within them, the passion, the drive, the tenacity that has seemed to slip away – take a time out, be with yourself, ask yourself the hard questions, LISTEN for the answers that bubble to the surface of your mind, and buckle up, because if your experience is anything like mine has been – you’re in for an exciting ride!!

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