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  • New Year, New Plan

    Posted on by Heather

    There’s something special about the beginning of a New Year. Although some would argue – it’s just another day – no big deal, I tend to disagree. It’s a line in the sand that creates instant accountability and has built in to it, a measurable. It’s easy to think back to January 2009 to see where you were, what you were up to, what was important to you at that time and compare it to today. It’s also nice to have a clear starting point to make significant changes in your life. Here’s some questions to ponder as you build your 2010 action plan:

    1. If I knew 2010 was my last year on Earth, what are absolute musts this year?

    2. What makes me the most excited in my life right now?

    3. What frustrates me and drains me of my energy?

    4. Who do I want to meet this year?

    5. Where do I want to go this year?

    6. How much money do I want to make this year?

    7. How much time off do I want to have?

    8. What do I want my top priorities to be this year?

    9. What do I want my reputation to be?

    10. What do I want to change this year?

    You can decide that you’re going to change your life on any day, at any time. The important thing to remember is that it is your actions that will determine the results you get in your life. When your actions are out of line from your goals – it can become frustrating. Use that frustration as fuel to make the necessary changes in your actions. 2010 can be whatever you want it to be. It’s up to you. Decide what you want it to be, what you want to do, and what you want to have, and take the action steps to make it so.

    All the best in 2010!!

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