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  • On the mend

    Posted on by Heather

    So I’ve been suffering with what seems to be the worst flu/cold I’ve ever had. In hindsight, part of me wonders if I should have filled the penicillin prescription on Friday, but, today I know that sticking with my stubborn Scottish roots was worth all the pain. The most exciting part of my four day flu/cold was the inevitable transfer from my bed to the couch around 6ish only to return to bed by 8 and after a while I did start to go a bit squirrely. In the middle of the night on Saturday I googled: home remedies for congestion! I was convinced that if I went back to bed in the state I was in I would die from lack of oxygen. Half an hour later I returned to bed, much to my other half’s chagrin. “You stink” was the reply. “Yeah, I just ate an entire clove of garlic and drank a glass of apple cider vinegar”, I said. -Thanks Google!

    Being healthy is one of those things that we sometimes forget about of take for granted until an episode like this occurs. Not being able function, have your usual energy levels or frankly get anything done is upsetting at best. But through it all I just kept remembering the wise words of my good friend Willie Carter: ‘just be the best sick person you can be’. So, that’s what I did and four days (that felt like four weeks) later I can tell I’m on the mend.

    I am grateful for the reminder that overworking, not sleeping enough, not eating properly – it will all catch up with you. Take care of yourself – it’s so worth it!

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