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  • Outliers

    Posted on by Heather

    Can success really be boiled down to a science?  In Malcolm Gladwell’s recent edition to his collection of mind bending and informative works Outliers sets out to prove just that.  The information is sound and reliable and above all else makes you think about what opportunities you may have because of some simple factors in your life.  The day of your birth, the amount of time you spent as a child in sports, or music or dance – have you been set up for success?  Have you been prepared for success?  Gladwell argues that for the formula of success to reward you, not only must you possess natural talent but you must also be prepared for the opportunity to use it.  He suggests that there is a magic number of hours that a person must put in to become an elitist, a leader, a success in any given field of study.  Though possibly a bit shy on length, this book is exciting, interesting and thoroughly entertaining.  Pick it up at your soonest opportunity.

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