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  • Learning to Fall

    Posted on by Heather

    A baby cannot learn to walk without inevitably falling down. It’s a necessary step. Why is it then, that when we become adults we want to learn to “walk”, but, we don’t want to fall. And in fact, we often give so much energy to the fact that we don’t want to “fall” that we often lose sight of what it is that we are trying to learn. Now, obviously as adults the “walking” can be related to any new venture or challenge we face, but, the message is the same.

    Falling down sucks, but, true triumph is reached when you stand back up and try all over again!

    Watch this video for some added inspiration….

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    1. Sherri Taylor says:

      When we are young we are expected to grow up in stages and take things one thing at a time. It is ok to fall down but we need to get ourselves back up in order to pursue the next object or dream. Let’s learn how to fall and how to get back up and reach even harder next time for that dream.

      You truly inspire me each day Heather! Great job!

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