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  • Pinch Me Moments

    Posted on by Heather

    So, yet another FIRST for me took place this week when I was interviewed by Scott Simpson of the Vancouver Sun in regards to my participation in Thursday’s SHIFTED – a Creatribution that raises money to support Imagine1Day.

    Here’s a link to the article: http://www.vancouversun.com/Shifted+speaker+series+looks+drivers+change/4723417/story.html

    And if you don’t have tickets to this phenomenal event – I’d like to invite you to join us – you can buy tickets here:  http://ht.ly/4LKIR

    I’m beyond excited to speak on Thursday for a plethora of reasons, but, none overshadowing the fact that – what was once a fleeting thought, full of dread and doubt, became a desire, fuelled by passion and is now a reality resting beside me in the form of Wednesday’s edition of my city’s printed News.

    Life is truly grand.

    It is in these moments that I know, for sure, that cashing in my RRSP’s much to my accountants chagrin and ‘strong’ advising against – was totally the right thing to do.

    It is in these moments that I know, the inner wisdom, guidance, voices and images were all real and true and that I was wise in following them.

    It is in these moments that I know my step-dad Alvin, the man who raised me, did not die in vain.

    And it is in these moments that I experience and express gratitude in a way that is so profound and so ‘BIG’ that it’s almost a bit scary – as this too is a new feeling.

    Life is a very interesting experience. It was only a few days ago that I broke down on the phone to my Mum in a moment of true desperation. (The CRA will do that to a girl.) And yet here I sit, a mere 3 days later, seeing the beauty and gift in that moment.

    We learn and evolve through contrast and today more than ever, I’m totally getting that.

    We know no light, without dark and so resist as we will – I realize, recognize and accept that darkness is beauty too!

    I cannot begin to communicate to all of you, my tribe, my supporters, my light, & my love – how grateful I am for the support you’ve provided me. But let me say a simple THANK YOU.

    And let me remind anyone reading this – though the road is not always lit, and the trail not always blazed – when you step in to the mystery of life – YOU light up and it is this light that cuts through the darkness, exposing the next step in your journey.

    Soldier on, my friend…there’s a ‘pinch me’ moment ahead.



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