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  • Please don’t worry, just send love

    Posted on by Heather

    I remember years ago watching my sister walk from my apartment across the street to the bus stop. She was leaving my place and heading home to hers. Seeing her sitting there all alone, something came over me and I welled up with tears. Thoughts of worry continuously flowed in and out of my mind. Would she be ok? Would she make it home? Was it safe? etc.

    Last night I was out at an event with my amazing neighbour. At 94 she’s facing a few health challenges and recently has been faced with a pretty major set back. A steady stream of her comrades came over to say hello, concern in their eyes. Almost everyone mentioned something to the effect of “I’m worried about you.”

    As they said their goodbyes to her they’d each walk by me and in their ears I whispered, “Don’t worry, just send love.”

    I’ve realized over the years that worry doesn’t contribute to the results we want. My worry doesn’t ensure their safety, or their recovery, or their freedom or independence.

    Instead of worrying – just send love.


    One Response to Please don’t worry, just send love

    1. OMG…. BANG ON! No one needs pity .. but LOVE .. YES! As always – goosebumps material! xoxoox

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