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    Posted on by Heather

    We just wrapped another awesome Coach’s Corner where today’s topic was: Presentations & Public Speaking

    I co-presented with Felicia Lee (@coachfelicialee) & Christine Pilkington (@chrispilkington) and we only had an hour but we rocked the house talking about everything from purpose and passion to credibility and structure.  The room was full of inspiring entrepreneurs, not to mention, one who’s filming Dragon’s Den in a couple weeks and another who’s heading to Edmonton next week to give a speech in front of 100’s of people (a first of this size for her.) It’s always inspiring to work with entrepreneurs but there’s something extra exciting when I get to talk about giving presentations.

    I remember my ‘AHA’ moment like it was yesterday.

    I was sitting in my apartment at about 2am (ok I admit I had a 2 beer buzz, but in the words of my pal TG – the world is a better place with a 2 beer buzz & I agree!). Anyway – back to the apartment & 2am. At the time I was taking Bob Proctor’s year long Coaching/Consulting course which was my first stab at formal personal development and the idea of the year was to uncover your true authentic gifts and talents & furthermore create opportunities to incorporate your talents in to your livelihood. (The true path to living your dream!)

    Bob’s voice was ringing in my ears and as I listed to the recording of his lecture on “You were born rich” he was talking about natural talents. He was asking “what are you naturally good at”, “what do you notice yourself doing even when you’re not being paid”, “where do you find yourself having the most energy and enthusiasm”? Then at some point he says something to the effect of, don’t dismiss the fact that you may perceive your greatest talents to be negative qualities, depending on what our parents, teachers, peers etc. have told us about these talents.

    SUDDENLY I saw this thought float through my mind & heard the words: I LOVE TO TALK

    To this day, I can tell you that all the amazing opportunities I’ve had, people I’ve met, things I’ve done, places I’ve travelled, and presentations that I’ve given, can all be traced back to this profound, pure, precise thought. (or AHA moment).

    Truth be told – I thought my gift of the gab was a quality needing tempered. I remember my brownie leader telling my Mum after I returned home from summer camp (age 5) that I was a total busy body and that I never shut up. I remember being banned from adult conversations as a young kid, and I remember as an adult, thinking late in to the night after a party or get together with friends “shoot! I was talking so much tonight. Why can’t I listen more and talk less. I need to learn to just shut up!”.

    So when Bob said those words “you might consider your natural gift to be a negative quality” – in that moment all the stars of my life aligned and my brain exploded into fireworks and stars.

    I so wish I had a witness to that moment. Happy dance? That would be a severe understatement. I was jumping and cartwheeling around my apartment like a mad-woman. I ran in to the bedroom to tell CB of this huge insight, and I think I got a high five out of him, but this really was a moment for ME!

    For the first time in my life I had this incredible feeling that I was exactly the way I was supposed to be. That I no longer needed to apologize, hide, temper or pretend that this wasn’t me. Instead, in the words of Willie (my coach who I connected with a year later)  – I simply needed to find an arena to express this talent.

    As of today, not including the presentations I had given in my corporate sales job, I’ve given over 200 presentations. And when I’m not presenting to groups, I’m coaching my roster of private coaching clients (talking), being interviewed (talking), writing (talking on paper), or thinking (talking in my head).

    My whole world revolves around this natural gift of which I now embrace, enjoy and give thanks for.

    I have to thank Bob Proctor, Chris Flett, Willie Carter & every client who has ever booked me to speak, hired me as their coach, or interviewed me for their publication. (Don’t get me wrong – I am incredibly grateful to so many people for some many things – family, friends, colleagues etc.) but these 3 people were the catalyst for brining my natural talent to arenas who needed and wanted what I had to offer.

    Today was certainly a full circle moment – another aha in a way.

    Do you have a story to tell about your natural gifts & talents? Send em my way. Even if you want to remain anonymous – I think there is so much to be said for sharing our experiences and empowering others to live their dream.

    Happy Monday!


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