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  • Productivity is equal to Planting

    Posted on by Heather

    Gardeners do not plant and harvest carrots on the same day.

    And productivity does not exist in a vacuum.

    Days of rejuvenation, imagination and musings, followed by planting and tending to seeds, all important steps in a product emerging.

    Gestation does not have to be long, but it does indeed take place.

    Breathe, surrender, and sink in to the energy that is faith.

    Not everyday produces.

    But everyday matters.

    4 Responses to Productivity is equal to Planting

    1. Rich Curtis says:

      Great post Heather! Applicable to everything in (my) life really: career, relationships, art…etc.

      Thanks for sharing!

    2. So glad to hear that Rich!!! I needed that reminder myself yesterday. It can be easy to slip down the slope wondering if we’re ‘getting anywhere’ – the answer of course is, yes, you are! Much love!!

    3. Reminds me of something my very first coach said to me when I escaped the corporate world 11 years ago to start my own business – “your job is to just get out there and plant lots of seeds, water them, prune them, nurture them – and repeat”

    4. Great advice from your coach Ali. I find those uber ‘productive’ days get lots of kudos but they wouldn’t happen without their counterpart days. #balance

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