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  • Quarterly Reveiw

    Posted on by Heather

    We’re in to second quarter already and it’s a perfect time to check the temperature of your business.  Go back to your annual plan and take a look at all your measurable components.  New prospects – how many have you seen?  Presentations – how many have you made, how many proposals have you sent out?  Closing – how many clients are you working with, who’s paying you for service or product?  Take a look at your profit model and goals for this years revenue – are you on track?  If not, time to regroup.  Do you need to up the anti?  If so, sit down over the weekend and spend 30-60 minutes writing down what immediate action steps you can take next week to get back on track.  Then, take the rest of the weekend to ‘charge your batteries’, ‘sharpen your saw’, and on Tuesday morning – hit the ground running.  

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