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    Lessons in authentic living.

    YOU are a commodity!

    Lessons in maximizing your potential, charging what you’re worth and doing work you LOVE.

    Authenticity Addiction is a thing!

    A conversation about why enough is never enough and how we’re wired to grow.


    Straight from the trenches, Heather’s talks are raw, humorous and insightful. They touch on those impactful moments in our lives, and what we can learn from them to live more fully.

    Heather’s Speaking Reel


    With Purpose, power and authenticity, Heather's refreshing and digestible message empowers audiences to expand their minds and hearts to make what was once impossible... possible.
    Dr. Sukhi Muker, Vitalistic Wellness Doctor, Inspirational Speaker, Author & Peak Performance Strategist
    Heather is nothing short of a RAY OF LIGHT. Literally, she lights up the stage with humour, grace, and utter brilliance.
    If you are looking for a speaker who walks her talk, inspires action because of WHO she is, HOW she shows up in the world and THEN shares about it, book Heather White. Book her NOW!
    Charlene SanJenko, CEO, PowHerHouse Media Group
    Motivational speakers are usually quite inspiring, but it is rare that one ignites in us an enduring flame. Heather is different.
    Carolyn Williams, Owner, The Bar Method Vancouver
    Heather White is the real deal - she speaks with authenticity, credibility and authority that strikes the right chord every time. If you want your audience to feel connected and empowered towards purposeful action, I highly recommend Heather to you.
    Maili Wong, CFA Bestselling Author
    and First Vice President CIBC Wood Gundy