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  • Spiritual Lessons: Roasting off our uncooked seeds

    Posted on by Heather

    A crazy thing happened. Twice, in two consecutive days my car was hit. It was weird. The first time it happened we were on the hi-way. It was a windy day accompanied by an absolute downpour of monsoon like rain. We were travelling Northbound when we saw a large, what looked like a lid from a big container, fly off of the back of a truck travelling Southbound. Time seemed to stand still as we watched the lid float through the air, and slowly make it’s way toward our car until THUMP it smoked us. Thankfully we were totally fine, no injuries (other than the big dent in the car). Did the whole dial-a-claim thing later that day and moved on, or so I thought.

    Next day. I come home from a day of brunch, shopping and bombing around town with my Mum. It’s a gorgeous sunny day, stark contrast from the dark, stormy yesterday, and so an afternoon of golf is welcomed. I head to the trunk of my car to load the clubs inside when I notice that someone has driven their white truck right into the back of my car. Hit and run.

    Ok, now my attention is peaked.

    Being a good little spiritual student that I am, I instantly go to: karma. So, I figure I must be paying off some moral infraction that I’ve conveniently blocked from my subconscious mind. But that provides close to zero relief. (Not that this isn’t true.)

    So, I consider something else. Maybe this is a sign? So, what is this all about? My car is my vehicle. So is this some kind of message about my body perhaps? Drawing the ‘vehicle’ inferences, I mull that one over for a few days. Nada. (This too could be true.)

    Then, this morning when I’m drying my hair some light stars to shed itself…

    If I’m honest, these circumstances triggered me in a big way. I cloaked up in the coat of many colours, this time though it wasn’t Joseph, it was my old friend: victim. She’s been absent for a noticeable period of time; haven’t seen her around lately. But she crafted a coy disguise and made her way right into the front row of my life. Just. Like. that.

    Within a 24 hour period I was wrapped up tightly in her grasp as I fumed about ‘how this could have happened to me’ and ‘why me’ and ‘but, I’m a good person’, ‘I don’t deserve this’, ‘I worked so hard these past few months, now all the fruits of my labour will go to fixing this car’ – and on and on and on it went. Until this morning.

    Under the warmth of the blowdryer, I had a perspective shift, completely. Sure something happened, the car was hit twice, and damaged. But, nothing happened ‘to me’.

    Aha, there certainly was a spiritual lesson, as there always is: under the surface I still have an uncooked victim seed and thanks to this weeks learning – it’s a little more toasted.

    Spiritual progress is like a detoxification. Things have to come up in order to be released. – Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love

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    1. Nailed it!

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