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  • Standing in your power

    Posted on by Heather

    My colleague, Fiona Walsh, recently appeared on Jann Taber’s ‘The Rebel Woman’ show where she was discussing ways in which women can have extraordinary success in business.  I was thrilled when she addressed what is one of the most difficult things for women to do when it comes to selling their product or service – believing that what they are offering is of value.

    The fear of rejection in sales is what holds the 80/20 rule in place and makes the line in the sand between those who produce and contribute to the bottom line and those who don’t, so deeply entrenched.  The best analogy I’ve heard for having success in business development is to treat it like an Easter egg hunt.  There will likely be hundreds, maybe thousands of pastel coloured pebbles, you will need to pick up in order to discover the rare chocolate eggs in the bunch.  

    Where women seem to easily fall into the category of not wanting to be ‘boastful’ or to ‘brag’ about whatever it is that they are offering is old paradigm.  I think Fiona makes an exceptional point.  We as women must believe in ourselves, in the value that we are offering and in the opportunities that are out in the market for us to match our solutions with a customers need or want.  If we hear a ‘no’ that’s a good thing, because every ‘no’ is that much closer to a yes.  We are not trying to convince anyone, shove a square peg in a round hole or hog tie someone in order to buy what we are offering.  

    Instead we are curiously exploring the market, combing through, knowing that opportunities where our product will bring positive change to someone’s life are only a few ‘no’s away.

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