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  • Stop & Try Something Different

    Posted on by Heather

    Taking responsibility for your life is no easy task. And amongst everything it requires of us, courage is the most important quality to embrace. Often times, even in my own life, when I notice I’m out of balance or not in alignment, I will first attempt to ignore the brick wall I just ran right in to. I will stand up, dust off, and frankly walk backwards. Not consciously of course, but subconsciously that is what I do. I shy away from the loud internal message that I just received. I justify why I ‘should’ be happy and content where I am. I tell myself all the reasons why I should just stay here, in this comfort zone of what I know. Unfortunately for my head (bleeding from banging in to that brick wall over and over) my soul has other plans.

    And I bet your soul has plans for you too!

    Plans of great experiences, full of love and life for you to embrace and enjoy. Plans of pain and sorrow – yes, not because your soul wants you to suffer, but because it wants to feel and experience all that life has to offer. Your soul carries no judgement of the experiences in your life – instead it embraces, encompasses and experiences fully each molecule of energy that every moment brings forth.

    So when you find yourself awakening, when you realize you’ve run in to the same brick wall, when you feel the trickle of blood running from your forehead – ask yourself – what am I meant to learn? What is the message that this brick wall has for me?

    How do you hear the answers of your inner wisdom and guidance?

    First – you have to stop.

    Second – you have to breathe. You might have to take many breaths. Become your breath. Feel your breath move in and out of your body. Notice your body. Feel your toes, your ears, your heart.

    Lastly – you have to listen. Sometimes the voice of your inner wisdom is a soft whisper, so quiet that you can’t hear it unless you are still.

    What I know is that brick walls don’t show up to hurt us – they are there as guidance. They deliver the message: this is not the path to go down. They remind us that: there is another path; a more fulfilling path; a path with experiences your soul is desiring to have.

    Are you willing to explore what the alternative path could be?

    If so, stop and try something different.


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