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  • Success is not a Thing!

    Posted on by Heather

    “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” – Earl Nightengale

    Being an over achiever I have always been interested in rising to the top, but, looking back, I had a very skewed image of what success was. I thought success was a thing, a destination, a finish line. I thought success was having things: homes, cars, clothes and vacations. I thought success was popularity. I thought success was money, lots of it. I was wrong!

    I love this definition of success because it encourages leadership and creativity. It is a statment of movement and growth. But, most of all I love this phrase because it promotes the concept of abundance. There is no limitation in his definition. It can apply to anyone at anytime. Furthermore, there is no competition. Success is not beating everyone else.

    Progressive – a movement forward
    Realization – to make real; to understand fully
    Worthy – having value, merit
    Ideal – principles or values that one actively pursues as goals

    Using these definitions, success is a forward movement to fully understand, or make real, a principle of value that has merit. In other words, success is a movement, it’s a progression, a realization. Success is a journey, not a thing. Set big goals that are worthy of you, see them through to fruition, grow and develop as an individual and you will have success. The homes, cars, popularity, money etc. are merely results of your commitment and dedication to a life of success.

    2 Responses to Success is not a Thing!

    1. Love this. Am going to post it on my inspiration board.

    2. Thanks Jacqueline! I love this quote too!!

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