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  • Success Stories – Interview Prep

    Posted on by Heather

    Within my coaching practice one of the things I do a lot of is coaching clients as they prepare for an interview. When people apply for a job there are often a lot of factors that play in to their ability to deliver a solid interview.  For instance, when a client is looking for a new job because their present position has become totally unpalatable, they can often (not even realizing it) come across quite desperate – this is a big red flag for a new employer.  The fear in the mind of the interviewer is, “will he/she eventually hate this job too?”.  This can hold even the most successful candidate back from being awarded a position.

    Recently I had a client in who was in this situation.  He has been working overseas and was home for a short holiday in the summer.  While he was here, his attention was drawn to a dream job that had just come available.  At first, all the usual egoic mind chatter started about why he shouldn’t and couldn’t apply for the job.  (He was still employed overseas and it seemed a little overwhelming to him.)  Instead of giving in to his “voice” he did the smart thing – he called me!

    We met, discussed the position, all the reasons why he was interested in applying and a strategy for exiting his position overseas, should it come to that.  One of the things we discussed at length was his skill-set and the experience that he would be brining to this new position.  What I often find with people looking for new employment is they immediately assume a submissive position.  They feel like they have to “get the job”. This gives away all your power.  

    In the case of this client we prepared for the interview and he left our session walking on a cloud.  He was not attached to whether or not he got the job.  Instead, he felt confident about what he could offer the position and the organization – if they wanted him, great, if they didn’t he was good with that too.  Not being attached to the end result is an important realization to avoid coming across desperate or needy in an interview.

    Long story short – he got the job.  Oh yeah, and all the ‘logistics’ he was worried about in terms of exiting his overseas position and getting back here for the start date – taken care of.

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