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    Sometimes the darkness IS the guiding light

    One of the best things that has ever happened to me is getting what I don’t want.
    First it sucks. I go back to that old but very familiar place: Victim. Why, why, why questions. Then some when questions. (Wrong questions!) I suffer. Sometimes a lot. Sometimes a little. Depends on how ‘awake’ I am. How […]

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    Is Your Life’s Alarm Clock Going Off?

    The Soul’s version of your morning alarm clock.
    Sometimes greeted with open enthusiasm and excitement.
    Sometimes pushed back down; a metaphoric “snooze button”.
    Don’t worry – it will go off again.
    Your resistance to ‘waking up’ is the cause of your suffering symptoms.
    Are you afraid? Of change? I get that.
    What if I guaranteed that it would be better? Does […]

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