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    2012 – is it YOUR year?

    There’s no question that a New Year feels like a new beginning. It’s another chance to change. So what’s with that…why do we so desire to change? The simple answer is that we’re not happy and furthermore we’ve developed a deep belief that if we changed x,y,z, and had different results, well then we’d be […]

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    Potty mouth, Shadows and Transformations

    About a month ago I received the below email from a disgruntled reader…
    I have to say that the language you use on your site is anything but professional.  A professional does not casually say or write f***, sh** or sh***y in conversation with or on a site professing to give advice to total strangers.
    What immediately […]

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    Jealousy = Inverted Desire

    I used to judge my jealousy. I’d look around at my friends, colleagues, clients, family etc. and  compare myself to them. Quickly following my comparison would come jealousy & right behind that would follow judgement. Judgement of myself and judgement of them. I’d be jealous of what I perceived them to have that I didn’t. […]

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    The ‘HOT’ CEO

    Doing business in the ‘new way’, means working with clients that get you, what you’re all about and how you can help them in immeasurable and incredible ways. But, in order to do that, we have to ensure you’re a ‘hot’ CEO, and I’m not talking about your looks. Here’s what I do mean:
    1. You […]

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    Put the Whip Away

    In my early 20’s I had a severe issue when it came to being hard on myself. Almost completely unaware of my complex, my only insight would come from concerned friends and family (and of course my Mum) when they would question my position and why on earth I was beating myself up so harshly. […]

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