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    The CLUE is in your REACTION

    I was playing golf on the weekend and in between 9, I went to use the washroom. I wasn’t in there for more than a minute when someone started banging on the door. I called out ‘I’ll only be a second’ and shortly thereafter opened the door. An older woman was standing there (oh, I […]

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    To do or not to do?

    I recently re-read, for I think the 4th time, Timothy Ferriss’s phenomenal book “The 4-Hour Workweek” which is packed cover to cover with concepts and ideas that are imperitive for ensuring you are living the life you choose. If you’ve been entertaining ideas of a different life than the one you lead today what’s […]

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    Overwhelmed? Take a time out!

    I recently picked up a copy of the September O Magazine (Oprah Winfrey) and was shocked, amazed, and frankly excited to see her “What I know for sure” article.  Within it she addresses the concept of being overwhelmed. It was, as often is the case in my life – perfect timing.
    Recently my business has exploded […]

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