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    What You See Depends on Where You Look From

    I’ve read/heard that we teach what we need to learn the most. Yup! I would agree with that.
    I teach self-love. Permission. Compassion.
    Hmm….I’m sure you can see where this is going.
    I’m shocked at times when I observe my inner bully. She’s nasty and mean. It’s rare, however, that I actually catch her in the act. I […]

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    How Long Do You Suffer Before You Tell the Truth?

    Oh boy! This is tough…..
    Ok, so you’ve lied right?
    I cannot tell you how much it cracks my Ego deeply open, the guts spill out over the side & my stomach wretches in agony saying this, but….
    I’ve lied.
    Holy fuckin shitballs I cannot believe I just wrote those words, and now they’re out there and the world […]

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    Collaboration is the Key

    I was recently interviewed for an upcoming article about female entrepreneurship, here’s one of their stellar questions and my response. I’d love to use this as a starting off point for a much needed conversation. Add your thoughts and comments please!
    What is the best way for women to support each other?
    My response:
    Stop competing and start […]

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    "It was all a dream" – Notorious B.I.G

    Growing up listening to Hip Hop music didn’t always impress my parents, but, behind all the profanity and derogatory comments was a permeating message that I could be, do and have anything I wanted in life regardless of where I came from. What is so intoxicating about the Hip Hop culture is that […]

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    Adventures in Costa Rica: Election Day

    My apologies for the lack of post last week—most of the excitement resulted from a bacterial stomach infection Claire and I were suffering through. Likely originating in something we ate (still not sure), we spent the entire week lying in bed eating small pieces of toast and drinkable yogurt. Thankfully we received fantastic medical care […]

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    Adventures in Costa Rica: “Pura Vida”

    Last week presented a host of many new opportunities as we begin to find a routine and a balance between helping in any way we can and avoiding encroaching on the lives of the La Carpio locals. We are also working on our tans in the hope that we will appear less like really pale […]

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