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    Mastermind Groups are Coming

    There is an incredible magic that happens when you put a group of like-minded, open hearted, desire filled, go getters in a room (or on a call). Out comes strategy, best practices, suggestions, support, introductions, collaboration, and OF COURSE some major cheerleading.
    If you’re ready for mojo to meet moxie – a mastermind group might be […]

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    Putting your oxygen mask on first – the importance of breathing.

    It may be hard to imagine that buried within a five minute airline safety demonstration, lies one of life’s most valuable lessons.  “If you are traveling with small children or someone who may require your assistance, please ensure you put your oxygen mask on first and breathe normally, before helping those around you”.  If you’re […]

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    Warm Women Con't…

    As a follow up to the warm women piece I’d like to continue the discussion. Since writing the post, my own awareness has been heightened around the topic of women supporting one another. Earlier this morning I was chatting with a business acquaintance who happens to be male. After telling him a […]

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