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    Presenting Presentations

    We just wrapped another awesome Coach’s Corner where today’s topic was: Presentations & Public Speaking
    I co-presented with Felicia Lee (@coachfelicialee) & Christine Pilkington (@chrispilkington) and we only had an hour but we rocked the house talking about everything from purpose and passion to credibility and structure.  The room was full of inspiring entrepreneurs, not to […]

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    Don’t get Uninvited to the Social Media Party

    Would you go to a dinner party and announce upon arrival “Hi everyone, thanks for inviting me to the party, I don’t care about any of you, and please don’t talk to me,  I’m just here to tell you what I think and to show off my new dress!”???
    I hope not!!
    And yet I often here […]

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    Take Online Relationships Offline

    The likes of Twitter, Linked In and Facebook have allowed for networking to grow to the next level. They are exceptional tools for being able to build credibility with your audience as you share relevant information, tips and tools of the trade and make comfortable introductions in a timely and effective manner.  All that said, […]

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    A Lesson in Primetime

    On an episode of the (slightly unfathomably) popular MTV reality show ‘The Hills’ one of the most important Professional Development lessons was illustrated tonight: do not get drunk at work functions, especially when you are supposed to be working!  It is just a simple NO. NO, NO NO.  And, no exceptions.
    This is not a point, […]

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