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    Put the Whip Away

    In my early 20’s I had a severe issue when it came to being hard on myself. Almost completely unaware of my complex, my only insight would come from concerned friends and family (and of course my Mum) when they would question my position and why on earth I was beating myself up so harshly. […]

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    Who's Company?

    Who you share your time with is one of those things you cannot take for granted, but, so many people do.  I was speaking with a friend last week and we were talking about her recent trip overseas.  While she was there she stumbled upon a book and when she opened up to the middle […]

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    Become an Inverse Paranoid

    “I’ve always been the opposite of a paranoid.  I operate as if everyone is part of a plot to enhance my well-being.”
    – Stan Dale
    Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles is packed with brilliant lessons for living a life full of purpose and passion. The concept of becoming an inverse paranoid is principle # 6 and […]

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    Adventures in Costa Rica: “Pura Vida”

    Last week presented a host of many new opportunities as we begin to find a routine and a balance between helping in any way we can and avoiding encroaching on the lives of the La Carpio locals. We are also working on our tans in the hope that we will appear less like really pale […]

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    Together Everyone Achieves More

    I was so inspired yesterday as I walked out of what was one of the most productive meetings this year. We’re being bombarded with messages of FEAR, whether it’s the report on the economic climate, the political parties of the Province cutting each other down or as I was told a few weeks back by […]

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    Are you stuck in a paradigm?

    Business today is changing and morphing on a daily basis.  There is a constant need for new ideas and innovations.  What often happens, however, when it comes to big business and innovation is that companies get stuck in their old paradigms, their old ways, their old markets, and their old patters, which hinders them from […]

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    Women In Business

    I has such a mixed reaction last night when I tuned in to watch my good friend and colleague Christopher Flett on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch.  Chris was on the show to discuss his book What Men Don’t Tell Women About Business.  Because I know Chris personally I’ve been privy to discussions with […]

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