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    Don't be afraid to Fire Staff

    When I’m working with business owners and operators in the hospitality sector one of the conversations I inevitably have with them is about their ability to let staff go. They are always worried about where they’ll find new staff, how they’ll find the time to train them, what if the new staff don’t work out […]

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    Together Everyone Achieves More

    I was so inspired yesterday as I walked out of what was one of the most productive meetings this year. We’re being bombarded with messages of FEAR, whether it’s the report on the economic climate, the political parties of the Province cutting each other down or as I was told a few weeks back by […]

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    Zero Limits

    I read a book (Zero Limits) a few months ago and it changed the way I live my life.  Recently, the title of the book started bouncing around in my head, a lot, and I’ve been thinking…
    One thing that really gets me fired up is this concept of “can’t”.  I have clients sit in my […]

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