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    Is Your Life’s Alarm Clock Going Off?

    The Soul’s version of your morning alarm clock.
    Sometimes greeted with open enthusiasm and excitement.
    Sometimes pushed back down; a metaphoric “snooze button”.
    Don’t worry – it will go off again.
    Your resistance to ‘waking up’ is the cause of your suffering symptoms.
    Are you afraid? Of change? I get that.
    What if I guaranteed that it would be better? Does […]

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    Let’s synergize

    I remember when I first started this blog, 3 years ago, and although I’m certainly not getting the kind of traffic that some of my colleagues see, I have seen my readership grow. In the beginning, though, there were many posts that I poured my heart in to, that later after discovering google analytics, realized […]

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    Who are you hanging with?

    It’s more important than ever these days to take stock of who you are spending your time with? Are you hanging around with positive opportunists or negative nellies who are running around screaming the sky is falling. Are your conversations filled with hope and excitement or doom and gloom? Does your social environment challenge and […]

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    “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footsteps on the moon.”  
    – Anonymous
    I am always inspired by my clients!  And, as I watch the personal and professional progression being made I am so filled with excitement for what is really possible in life.  Yeah, we’ve all made excuses about why we can’t, […]

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