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    Courage is not Fearlessness

    I’ve been watching Shania Twain’s “Why Not” documentary  on OWN, that follows her as she works through her fears and attempts to regain her voice. It’s been a fascinating show and I commend her in so many ways for not only being brave within her own life but also for being willing to share this […]

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    Decisions Decisions…& Fireflies

    As a trusted advisor, I have anywhere between 40-80 meetings a week where I am privy to the inner thoughts, desires, goals (and yes fears) of my clients and those curious about being my client (I know – it’s such an honour!). But regardless of the conversation topic, I would say 90% of the time, […]

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    Where’s your safe place?

    Last night we had a get together of fabulous women involving 3 important themes: goals, wine and food – now how much better does it get?
    Check out Amanda Seller’s awesome blog ‘Tomboy that Wears Makeup’ for her recap of the event with some super duper photos that captured some of the fun.
    Not unlike many gatherings […]

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    Blessing In Disguise?

    It finally happened…..3 years in to my MacBook and over the weekend the battery (or at least what I thought was the battery) died. Couldn’t get the thing to turn on. At first, I was simply grateful that I had indeed stuck to my plan of finishing off all my loose ends on Friday before […]

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    To do or not to do?

    I recently re-read, for I think the 4th time, Timothy Ferriss’s phenomenal book “The 4-Hour Workweek” which is packed cover to cover with concepts and ideas that are imperitive for ensuring you are living the life you choose. If you’ve been entertaining ideas of a different life than the one you lead today what’s […]

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    Free From Fear

    As an entrepreneur and having coached many entrepreneurs on building a sustainable business model I know that fear is one of those thing that is going to be a factor, it’s all in the way you respond to it.  Firstly, you have to be aware of it.  This is often the biggest hurdle for people […]

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