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    “Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you. Unfold your own myth.” ― Rumi
    As a teacher I am filled with joy when I’m in the presence of a student. From my little brother, to my clients, to my readers, to my friends. Anytime someone asks me a question – I come alive.
    However, […]

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    A Room With A View

    And the debate begins…was it non-partisan, was it a Liberal Party rally, a cocktail party…for me it was a room with a view. Last night a gathering of 1200 or so of Vancouver’s under 40 demographic gathered in what is one of the most spectacular venues I’ve seen in a while. Vancouver’s newly opened Convention […]

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    Closure is not a bad thing!

    I’ve recently noticed a trend amongst clients, colleagues and friends – closure.  Whether it’s long term personal relationships that have suddenly come to an end, unexpected lay offs or a longing for something different it’s seems as though change is in the air.  There is, however, in times of closure and change, often a lot […]

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