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    Productivity is equal to Planting

    Gardeners do not plant and harvest carrots on the same day.
    And productivity does not exist in a vacuum.
    Days of rejuvenation, imagination and musings, followed by planting and tending to seeds, all important steps in a product emerging.
    Gestation does not have to be long, but it does indeed take place.
    Breathe, surrender, and sink in to the […]

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    You Can’t Win If You Don’t Buy a Ticket

    You can’t hear yes if you don’t ask.
    You can’t be published if you don’t create.
    You can’t be seen if you don’t attend.
    You can’t be remembered if you don’t make an impact.
    You can’t live your dream if you don’t imagine.
    You can’t have fun if you don’t play.
    You can’t be inspired if you’re not open.
    Buy a ticket, […]

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    Fear as an acronym reads:
    I think that looking at fear this way gives us as individuals all the power back.  How often have we been controlled by our fear? Whether it’s the people afraid to fly who never get a chance to see the world, or the outstanding employee who is underpaid because he/she is […]

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    You’ll See It When You Believe It

    When I nominated myself for the EWomenNetwork 2009 International “Emerging Leader of the Year” award, I was never expecting to win. But when the email came a few months later announcing that I had indeed beat out all the other young, talented women in Vancouver BC and was being flown to Dallas as one of […]

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    Close your eyes and IMAGINE…

    As a little girl I was one of those ‘teacher’s pet’, ‘goodie two shoes’ type. I did exactly what I was told, followed instructions to a tee and let’s face it over excelled whenever I could. And though you might be thinking ‘I hated those kind of kids’ fear not, as I was also socially […]

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