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    When You’re Called, You’re Called….

    I was recently listening to an interview with a thought leader who I respect very much. So much of what she says resonates deep within the core of my essence. Concepts of you-niqueness, blazing your trail, creating art and using the emotions, or feelings to guide your actions – all spot on for me!
    This particular […]

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    Life Lessons Trump Circumstances

    We came to this lifetime with a beautifully laid out curriculum of study. I don’t mean academia or formal education. What I’m speaking of is: soul school. Not school for your soul, but schooling from your soul.
    Life Lessons.
    In the early days, before I’d made this discovery my m.o. was always pretty simple: RUN. Run from […]

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    Dropping Deadlines & Digging Deeper

    I’ve been ‘writing a book’ for four years. And when I say ‘writing’ I’m not kidding around. I have 3 different outlines, notebooks FULL of pros, chapters complete, ideas mapped out – literally tens of thousands of words ready to go…. (and that’s not including the 300 blog posts, or 20+articles I’ve written for online […]

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