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    Mindset Brings Magic

    Last week I had a gal in my office who is in between jobs. She’s incredibly accomplished, talented, smart, hard working and overall has a tonne to offer the world. The challenge however, was her mind-set. The way she was thinking was holding her back from many things. She had, what I call the “this […]

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    Together Everyone Achieves More

    I was so inspired yesterday as I walked out of what was one of the most productive meetings this year. We’re being bombarded with messages of FEAR, whether it’s the report on the economic climate, the political parties of the Province cutting each other down or as I was told a few weeks back by […]

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    Warm Women Con't…

    As a follow up to the warm women piece I’d like to continue the discussion. Since writing the post, my own awareness has been heightened around the topic of women supporting one another. Earlier this morning I was chatting with a business acquaintance who happens to be male. After telling him a […]

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    YWIB – A Breath of Fresh Air

    I was recently an exhibitor at the Beyond Pink Conference that was put on by the newly formed Young Women In Business Society.
    YWIB is a network for emerging professional women in Western Canada and all I can say is wow!  The girls that have put this organization together are so incredibly amazing.  They have a […]

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    The Challenge – Better than you found them

    The season of giving is upon us! Now get out there, sharpen your elbows, fight for that parking space, push and shove as you make your way through the crowded malls and stores. Be rude and grumpy with the sales staff when you find out you can’t get Nintendo Wii in Vancouver until […]

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