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    Don’t get Uninvited to the Social Media Party

    Would you go to a dinner party and announce upon arrival “Hi everyone, thanks for inviting me to the party, I don’t care about any of you, and please don’t talk to me,  I’m just here to tell you what I think and to show off my new dress!”???
    I hope not!!
    And yet I often here […]

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    Pick up the phone!

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people are content to hide behind the screen of their computer.  Too often, I hear of organizational e-mail wars going on because within the written communication someone misinterpreted what was being communicated, made an assumption or took something personal.  All of this could be avoided if, in […]

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    See Only Love

    I recently travelled from Vancouver to Kamloops to join 2000 people as we experienced an afternoon with Deepak Chopra.  His two hour lecture was eye opening and incredibly mind stretching.  It took me about 48 hours just to digest what I had heard.  A theme that ran through his lecture was the collective consciousness of […]

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