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    Mom Inc Movement: Brand YOU

    [ November 6, 2011; 12:15 pm to 1:15 pm. ] Brand is the personality that identifies you, it’s the conversation people have about you when you’re not there, it’s the promise that you make about what you can and will deliver.

    Understanding what makes you unique, how you stand out from the crowd, and how to become remarkable, is the easiest, most cost effective way to […]

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    Dreams, Gangs, Crack, Love, Nurture, Acceptance

    A couple of years ago I became fascinated with Carl Jung and his view of how dreams are a window to our unconscious or sub-conscious. I loved the idea that my subconscious used my dreams to communicate important messages and get my attention in areas where I was half asleep. (Kinda cool how you use […]

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    Sometimes You Just Have to Take your Life by STORM

    Yesterday, unplanned and out of nowhere, I spent the entire day cleaning and de-cluttering my apartment. Now, talk to anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you, I’m fairly organized. I like things neat and tidy, definitely clean, and fairly sparse – I don’t like a lot of trinkets; pictures yes, trinkets no. So it […]

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