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    Ask for more time

    One of the biggest challenges, with regards to time management, is trying to fit too many things into our day.  We have great intentions, planning to spend 8 productive hours on our professional life, eat three healthy meals with five servings of fruits and veggies, work-out for an hour, mediate, read or study in an […]

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    Being Perfect

    There’s no question, I’m a perfectionist. In theory, I’d love to say I’m reformed, but, that would be a lie. I’m better, that’s for sure. (I no longer use q-tips when cleaning my house) but I’m far from reformed. In so many ways perfectionism serves me. It allows me to blow my competitors out […]

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    Living Life Loud

    The 2009 EWomenNetwork International Conference provided such a wealth of information, knowledge, connections and opportunities to continue to push the envelope of my development in both personal and professional life. There were so many things to take away from the weekend, but, I managed to narrow it down to 3. Thank you to all the […]

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    A Lesson in Primetime

    On an episode of the (slightly unfathomably) popular MTV reality show ‘The Hills’ one of the most important Professional Development lessons was illustrated tonight: do not get drunk at work functions, especially when you are supposed to be working!  It is just a simple NO. NO, NO NO.  And, no exceptions.
    This is not a point, […]

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