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    Emoting is the BEST thing you can do for your Evolution

    For years I thought crying was a sign of weakness. It wasn’t until I met my Life Coach (Psychic Surgeon) that I started to discover the incredible evolutionary power that emoting carried. Finally I had discovered the secret to rising up in my life and experiencing higher and higher frequencies of vibration, aka ‘living the […]

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    Potty mouth, Shadows and Transformations

    About a month ago I received the below email from a disgruntled reader…
    I have to say that the language you use on your site is anything but professional.  A professional does not casually say or write f***, sh** or sh***y in conversation with or on a site professing to give advice to total strangers.
    What immediately […]

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    Livin The Dream

    Natalie Sisson, the Mastermind behind The Suitcase Entrepreneur popped me a note on Twitter last night to find out how my start to 2011 had been. When I replied:
    2011 start has been ridiculously amazing. Life and ‘work’ are blending beautifully #livingthedream & #lovingthemoments
    she messaged me back to find out why and furthermore she asked […]

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