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    Go Back To Move Forward

    Dig deep. The answers are within you.
    I don’t think there is anyone walking this planet who is not wanting to know the answers to the most fundamental questions:
    Who am I?
    Why am I here?
    What am I supposed to be doing?
    And yet, it seems we all begin our search for these answers by going outside ourselves. We […]

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    When Forrest Gump, The Canucks & The Secret Intersected

    In 2007 I was well on my way down the path of personal development. I had spent a year studying with Bob Proctor in his Coaching/Consulting course, discovered the 5 years in my dark, ground level apartment did have a purpose, came to the realization that I hated my job and wanted out, AND had […]

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    Beyond Pink

    I had the great honour and privilege to speak on Day 1 of Beyond Pink 2010 (#bp2010) and I was so incredibly energized by the whole experience.
    Confession #1: The day before the conference I still didn’t feel convinced on what I was going to present. I knew the content I wanted to share (lessons […]

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    Success Stories – Interview Prep

    Within my coaching practice one of the things I do a lot of is coaching clients as they prepare for an interview. When people apply for a job there are often a lot of factors that play in to their ability to deliver a solid interview.  For instance, when a client is looking for a […]

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    Don't let fear hold you back!

    I was waiting at the stop light at Granville & Broadway a while back and although I try not to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations, this time I couldn’t help but over hear. Two you girls, probably 20 something, were looking up towards the north shore mountains that had just received another dump of […]

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