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    Sometimes the darkness IS the guiding light

    One of the best things that has ever happened to me is getting what I don’t want.
    First it sucks. I go back to that old but very familiar place: Victim. Why, why, why questions. Then some when questions. (Wrong questions!) I suffer. Sometimes a lot. Sometimes a little. Depends on how ‘awake’ I am. How […]

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    Is Your Life’s Alarm Clock Going Off?

    The Soul’s version of your morning alarm clock.
    Sometimes greeted with open enthusiasm and excitement.
    Sometimes pushed back down; a metaphoric “snooze button”.
    Don’t worry – it will go off again.
    Your resistance to ‘waking up’ is the cause of your suffering symptoms.
    Are you afraid? Of change? I get that.
    What if I guaranteed that it would be better? Does […]

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    Letters from the Light

    In May 2008, thanks to the incredible wisdom and courage of my greatest teacher, I was introduced to the idea that firstly, I had a group of spirit and angel guides, and secondly that I could write to them, and that they would write back.
    Now, I understand that to a certain group this kind of […]

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    Thank you EGO

    Life is about contrast.
    Light – dark
    Love – fear
    War – peace
    We live in a world full of duality, and polarity. And that’s why we’re here; we came to experience the contrast. Our soul desires evolution and evolution requires understanding. Understanding comes through acceptance. And acceptance comes after we’ve experienced resistance. And resistance happens when we experience […]

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    It All Starts With How You Think

    A few weeks ago I was in a meeting with the director of a large west coast based sales team. We were chatting about the overall performance of the team, what the major competitors were up to in terms of activity and how they were (as an organization) approaching the market in lieu of the […]

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