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    Stop & Try Something Different

    Taking responsibility for your life is no easy task. And amongst everything it requires of us, courage is the most important quality to embrace. Often times, even in my own life, when I notice I’m out of balance or not in alignment, I will first attempt to ignore the brick wall I just ran right […]

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    Inspiration Becomes Creation

    I was emotionally rocked to the core of my being as I watched the unfolding of events in Japan over the past week. Seeing human beings suffering evokes a reaction in me that I don’t know how to articulate. It doesn’t much matter if it’s terrified Japanese citizens watching Mother Nature’s wrath rush towards them, […]

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    Taking Responsibility

    Simply put, responsibility is your ability to respond.  Too often I hear people placing blame or complaining about people, circumstances or situations in their life that they have used as ‘excuses’ for why they are not happy and/or getting what they want out of their life.  The reality is that you don’t have control over […]

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    Tolerating is still Suffering

    This concept of tolerating being just another form of suffering was something that my coach brought to my attention about a year ago.  At first glance it seems like an agreeable and somewhat simple idea, but, trust me this is a little deeper than you think. When we think of suffering we usually think of […]

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