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  • Take Online Relationships Offline

    Posted on by Heather

    The likes of Twitter, Linked In and Facebook have allowed for networking to grow to the next level. They are exceptional tools for being able to build credibility with your audience as you share relevant information, tips and tools of the trade and make comfortable introductions in a timely and effective manner.  All that said, there is an important step that some social media butterflies are neglecting – take your online relationships offline!

    Use the tools of the internet to cast your net wide as it pertains to establishing relationships, but make sure you continue to connect with your network offline. Schedule coffee meetings and lunches and invite people to events you are hosting. Taking your online relationships offline will increase your credibility and solidify your relationships even further.

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    1. It is still about the human connection. Email, Twitter et al are great, but I make sure to go out to a Networking function once a week. I also have a coffee clutch that meets once a week to talk about new projects and moving forward. A group of creative folks that bounce ideas off of each other. These human contacts were missing the first time I tried to go out on my own. They are now what is making it possible for me to keep moving forward. The success is more fun when you can share.

      Thanks. Susan

    2. Thanks Susan for your comment!! Collaboration is absolutely essential for businesses to thrive in this new model. Whether it’s connecting online, coffee meetings, hunting packs, associations, mastermind groups or in your case ‘ Coffee Clutch’ (which is an awesome name by the way) it’s the people connecting that really matters.

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