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  • Taking NO as graciously as YES

    Posted on by Heather

    Look for the fit; don’t force it!

    I was doing a bunch of prospecting for a Trade Mission project that I’m working on and it required me to make a lot of cold calls. I won’t lie and say I LOVE COLD CALLING, because LOVE is a strong word. I love my family, friends, skiing, red wine, chocolate, things like that. I don’t love cold calling. But, I do love making money and in order to continue to make money I will continue to cold call. So there I was, back in the trenches, equipped with the most important asset to cold calling success:

    The ANSWER to my prospects  question “why do I care?”

    And not some long winded paragraph of b.s. about why my product is so amazing and wonderful and will revolutionize their business. Instead, a short, sweet, articulate and well thought out answer. One that Chris Flett would be proud of. One that I am proud of. Otherwise, why call? Do you think I really want to get my ass handed to me???

    One guy that I chatted with reminded me of the 2nd most important asset to cold calling success:

    Knowing how and why to take ‘no’ as graciously as ‘yes’

    Because he had decided, before we even began the conversation, that whatever I was asking, he was going to say ‘no’ to, the conversation was over almost as quickly as it began. He came on the phone very abrupt and cold in his tone. I did my thing and turned it back to him. He softened a bit when he realized I wasn’t calling to harass him, nor did I want to have to convince him or pursuade him of anything. I was simply curious as to whether I was on the mark with why I thought he would give a shit about what I was presenting him with. He wasn’t. Call over. Simple. As I was thanking him for the 32 seconds of his time and getting ready to hang up, there was a tone of desperation in his voice as he said “thanks so much for understanding!! I hope you know this isn’t because I’m a bad guy or anything…..” NO, I don’t think you’re a bad guy! I think you’re a great guy, because I have a list of 100 of you that I have to call today and you just told me what I needed to know:

    You don’t see a fit between what I have to offer and what you are wanting/needing or see value in, at this present moment in time.

    When you are cold calling, you can’t get attached to which prospects will say ‘yes, tell me more’ and which ones will say ‘I don’t see the fit’. You simply need to identify more than enough opportunity (a long list of them), of which you believe your odds are great, that a proportion of them (not ALL of them, although that would be awesome!) will agree with your pitch and want to take the next step with you. Take ‘no’ as graciously as ‘yes’ and work your whole list. Stick to your message, be authentic, honest and engaging and you will rock the day of cold calls.

    Good luck!

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