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    Why do I love working with Heather White as my spiritual guide? She is my chocolate truffle for the soul. She is my co-warrior. She is my urban angel. She is the hotline to my inner wisdom. She grounds me, and uplifts me. She’s got my back!

    Infinite Love,



    Every time I talk to Heather I have a break through.

    I feel safe with her to be more vulnerable then I’ve ever been before and it’s amazing what gems come out of that.

    When I talk to Heather on those days when I’m getting in my own way and feeling stuck in my self-doubt, I snap out of it, because she holds the most beautiful vision for who I am and what I’m truly here to do.

    Heather’s help was absolutely invaluable when I was re-entering the workplace after having my baby. She helped me to have the confidence to ask for what I wanted, something that I have never been good at. Now I am once again headed back to work and I am exceptionally happy with my position and my career path.

    I was motivated to hire Heather as a business coach because I was overwhelmed with my to do list and knew I needed an expert perspective to support me in mapping out my growth. Working with Heather identified a two degree shift in my focus that was much more fulfilling personally and financially.

    The thing that I enjoy most about working with Heather is that she is focused on my personal growth as much as the growth of my business. I would highly recommend Heather to anyone looking for support in fulfilling their personal and/or professional dreams.

    I wanted to be free, joyful and ready for all that life had to offer. I had been so stuck, doing what I thought I “should” be doing, rather than just being me. Working with Heather, my perspective, knowledge and energy has shifted on so many levels, professionally, family and personally. Granted, it hasn’t always been easy but she has been my biggest cheerleader! I set life goals, even ones I never thought would be possible in my lifetime, and I have achieved them! I am so grateful for working with Heather. She has shown me the way to my true self.

    Heather White!  Two words!  A name that has changed me!  Shook me to the core!  Rocked my world and has helped me beyond my wildest dreams! Heather is my coach/ partner/ got my back soul sister in this life journey where her main role is to guide me as I find the very BEST VERSION OF MYSELF! She gets me!  She understands my strengths and has been with me every step of the way as I build the areas in my life needing focus and improvement.  Heather is a true gift to this world!  A force, a soul seeking badass who digs in deep and helps pull all of the junk and ickiness from your life.  The “stuff” holding you back is no longer a road block and with truth,  compassion and love, Heather will take you on a journey inside of your soul! She has helped me find a life that matches my priorities!  Finally I am on a path to extreme greatness, truly what I knew somehow, someway, someday I was heading to my big goals and dreams but it was foggy and messy as to how I was going to actually get there. Heather White has given me the tools to clear the fog  and I now have a crystal clear path to living the life I have always imagined! Heather White, I love you and am so grateful for you!  Looking forward to many years ahead with you on my front line!  Love and light to you, my friend!  Forever changed!

    I put “hire a Life Coach” on my 2012 goals. I knew in my heart if I made this move, which is super scary I might add, that I would see who I truly was, what I was made of and could catapult my career and life in a really positive direction. Working with Heather has truly done that.

    I have more clarity, I am achieving my goals quickly because I now know what’s important and what I want to focus on and have more peace and confidence in my personal life and business life.

    I find that working with Heather is like working with a friend and a solid business person who is REAL and truly supports and cheers me on to my goals.

    I had debated for about a year whether to hire a business coach or not. I read Heather’s website, and loved her philosophies and style. I reached out, but at the time she was full and not able to accept additional clients. I went ahead and interviewed a few other coaches, but none had the feel I got from reading her website.

    Months later I reached out again, and her scheduled had cleared!
    I could not be happier. She helps me stay focused on my goals, problem solve issues, and better yet, holds me accountable because she cares.

    She is available when I need her, and has clarity at times when I do not.
    Her wisdom is so profound. I am so grateful to have waited for her coaching!

    I met Heather in the Summer of 2009 and she quickly became a constant ray of sunshine in my life.

    From that moment on, Heather would be there during my strides forward (and self-inflicted slip-ups!) with encouragement, powerful suggestions and support whether my needs were business or life-related.

    Wise beyond her years, Heather’s intuitive faculties come to the fore when meeting with a new client and when presented with any subsequent challenge they may have. Although there is a vast age difference between us, I can honestly say that I never feel for one moment that we are not in total harmony. Her winning smile, contagious laugh and whoops of excitement when barriers are broken down and corners are turned is the stuff encouragement is made of!

    As an entrepreneur I sometimes have a tendency to overthink things and be very hard on myself. Having Heather in my life allows me a “safe place” to talk about my struggles and Heather helps me tune back in to my inner wisdom and gives me tools to be kinder to me. She is able to ask the questions that draw out what my heart is telling me. But just as valuable, is her ability to help guide me through business decisions as well. Heather is truly a gift in my life.

    A few years ago, 3 years to be exact, I had a great little accounting practice that I had founded.  It was trucking along quite well and I was meeting all of my goals, but I wasn’t satisfied.  Something was missing. Enter Heather.  I was so fortunate to have met her and I loved her frankness.  The way that she approaches my business and me,  has always made me feel special.  She can see through my BS pretty quickly and she holds me accountable to things that I would procrastinate with.  In particular, she has helped me work through incredibly difficult work situations and has taught me some valuable skills. She’s my rock. I know that I am where I am and doing what I love with less stress and more enjoyment thanks to her.

    Heather is a spit-fire and clearly in the right line of work.  Her passion for life and continuous growth is both infectious and inspiring.  Working with Heather helped me to feel more confident in my business and how to grow it.