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  • The Downside of Enthusiasm, Excitement & Inspiration

    Posted on by Heather

    By now you’ve probably seen my post on the upside of jealousy, anger and fear. So here’s the other side of the coin. You’re not excitement, enthusiasm or inspiration either.

    In the same way that I asked you to separate yourself from fear, anger, jealousy – I ask that you do the same with enthusiasm, excitement and inspiration.

    We can’t be happy, enthusiastic and excited, and then when anger shows up, extricate ourselves and say, here’s me and there is anger. It doesn’t work that way.

    In the same way that we are not anger, we’re equally not enthusiasm. There is you, and then there is anger and there is enthusiasm.

    You are not your feelings. There is you (I Am) and then there is reactions; emotions.

    The lesson is in non-identification, otherwise known as the cultivation of the witness. Nirvana exists (so I hear) when we realize we’re neither. We’re neither happy nor sad, good nor bad, love nor fear – we are – that’s it. Everything else that comes after “I am” is a label, an identification.

    I know, this is pretty trippy stuff. But so is the Earth being round, the milky way galaxy moving at a velocity of about 600km per second, the crazy statues on Easter Island, Epigenetics and Quantum Physics.

    Give it a whirl. Roll it around in your brain. Put it in to practice. Let me know how it goes for you.

    Pleasure & Pain

    Loss & Gain

    Fame & Shame

    are all the same.

    They’re all just happening.

    – Ram Dass

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