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  • The Magic is in your Message

    Posted on by admin


    It never ceases to amaze me, how many people, regardless of what kind of professional capacity they have, who introduce themselves via their title. This can be a costly mistake especially considering the market and the amount of choice that consumers have every day. If your message isn’t quick, clear and MOST importantly, emotionally engaging, you will miss opportunities all the time.

    I’m over in Victoria, BC, leading break out sessions for an International Non-Profit Organization. Today I led a session on re-thinking their message and their introduction to the market. Whether they’re at a networking event, in-line at Starbucks or presenting to a group of their target audience they need to know that introducing themselves as someone who ‘works at X organization’ is far from remarkable. For 2 hours we brainstormed, tweaked, practiced and presented the message to one another until we got it absolutely bang on. These people are so pumped that they know exactly what to say when they hit the market, that many of them wanted to leave the conference and head back to wherever they call home to start testing their new skill.

    If you are introducing yourself with your Title, or the name of your employer, you are wasting your time. Start with these three questions:

    1. What do you do?

    2. Why does it matter?

    3. Who cares?

    Take a stab, send in your answers, and i’ll honour your time with a free 45 minute business coaching session. Together we will tighten your answers up and get you out in the market maximizing your time networking and building connections while building your bottom line. Deadline: midnight tonight – get going – tick tock!

    All the best,



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