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  • The US Does Food Service Very Well

    Posted on by Heather

    On a recent trip to the US I was yet again amazed at their food and beverage industry.  The selection is unbelievable, the customer service is impeccable and the portion sizes – what can I say – huge.  Everything they do is over the top.  

    One meal that blew me away was one I enjoyed at the acclaimed Cheesecake Factory Restaurant. First of all, the menu. It was ridiculously big, so big (20 pages long), it took us over 30 minutes to just decide what to order. The menu was so full of colour and the food all looked ridiculously amazing, not to mention as servers passed by our table delivering food to other guests, the plating was such a replica of menu pictures, we could easily identify each dish. (Thank god as this ultimately made our final selection.) One thing that also impressed me was that the menu had advertising for local retailers and attractions once again showcasing the collaborative model of business that is becoming so dominant.


    The service – outstanding. Our server knew the menu inside out.  He offered to answer any questions and was readily available, but at the same time, gave us space to take in the menu, make our selections and enjoy our meal. When we conceded our barely dented plates he quickly whisked them off to the kitchen to ‘box it’ and sent us out the door with lunch for the next day. Normally, I find left overs disgusting, but, when I opened the boxes the food looked as good as it did the night before.  And all this for under $30 (not including drinks).

    Once again the US blew me away with their food service!

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