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  • The Voice In Your Head

    Posted on by Heather

    We all have it; that voice, that tape that plays inside your head.  For some it’s constant and for others (those who have become more aware) it is controlled and monitored.  Have you considered lately what is the voice saying?  For the purposes of this blog I’d like you to consider what does the voice tell you about you? About your abilities, your personality, your body?  Are the messages that you are hearing within your head mostly positive, mostly negative, or a combination of both?

    My formal study in the area of the mind has been one that teaches human beings exist on three planes. We are spiritual beings that have been gifted with an intellect and live inside a physical body.  For some of you that will be obvious and likely a concept that you are familiar with.  For others, you may now be wondering if I’m crazy.  Regardless, this concept is one that I have accepted in my life and one that brings me a great deal of peace, joy and acceptance.

    It is with the acceptance that I am a spiritual being, one that has been designed with exact precision and one that is uniquely perfect that allows me the ability to separate who I am from who I “think” I am.  It is our thought process, our ego that tries to manipulate us and move us away from the deeper understanding of who we are.  The ego is forever living in past and future thought processes, unaware of the power and potential that lies in the present moment.  By thinking about something that happened yesterday, or, anticipating some future event our mind enables us to lose sight of the only thing that really ever is and that is the present moment.  If you really consider it, nothing ever happens in the future or in the past; it always happens in the present moment.  However, I ask you this: how much time are you honestly spending in the present moment?  Furthermore, how much time are you spending “thinking” about some past or future event?

    The voice in your head can been incredibly helpful, if you learn to listen to it, and monitor what it is saying. From there the question becomes: “Is this message serving me or hurting me?”  Are you hearing positive, uplifting messages or are you hearing negative, condescending ones?  Only by listening will you know for sure.

    Keep in mind we can have upwards of 50,000 thoughts racing through our head on any given day.  It would be next to impossible to start today and be able to capture every thought and analyze whether or not that particular thought is helping you or hurting you.  Attempting to do that would be similar to strapping on your running shoes, walking out your front door and running a marathon today.  (Assuming that you are not already a trained runner.)

    Instead what I propose is that you start slowly.  Be aware that the thoughts are occurring and be conscious of listening to what the voice is saying.  Start with the thoughts directed towards yourself.  Pay attention for words and phrases like “should” and “have to”.  Learn to sense the feeling and emotion that certain thoughts bring you.  Sense whether the messages are positive or negative.  When you know that a thought process is not serving you, replace it with one that does.  For instance if you hear your voice criticizing your physical body “you are such a fat slob”, replace the thought with one of a higher nature “I am beautiful!  I love, accept and cherish my body”.  Notice how the old thought vs. the new thought affect the feelings and emotions within you. Even if you don’t believe the new thought today, simply by saying the words you will change the vibration of your body and slowly the old negative thoughts will not fit and eventually they will cease.

    This concept is big and one that can be difficult to grasp.  I welcome your questions and comments. Just know that by taking ownership and responsibility of your thought processes and by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones you are not only changing your own vibration, but you are positively shifting the vibration of the Planet.

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