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  • Time – A Commodity

    Posted on by Heather

    I was recently selected to speak at a couple of events this month on the topic of time management.  Time is an interesting concept.  It’s something that once past, we’ll never get back. It’s also somewhat of an illusion as our mind races around forever trying to keep us from experiencing the present moment.  What’s interesting is that the present moment is all we really ever have since the past is gone and the future is far from certain. However, even knowing this we still seem to be lost as to how to use our time in a way that honours ourself, our most important family members and friends, our work, and other commitments.  Many of us have fallen from time to time into the ‘yes’ game where we strive to please, to do, maybe more than is reasonable.  We sacrifice sleeping, eating, bathing, sometimes even breathing in order to fit it all in.  But at the end of it all, when our time runs out, was what we accomplished worth it?  Did we use our time wisely?

    I am thrilled at the opportunity to share my insights and experiences on this important topic of time to the eager audiences who are curious about this interesting concept.  Wanting to make the time to ensure that they are spending theirs in a way that is serving themselves and those that are most important to them.

    In the coming weeks, as I continue to prepare for these presentations, check back to the blog often as I post on this topic.  Share your stories, your experiences and your wisdom about time.

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